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Get Funky - III

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

There ya go! Some sass, some class, and some funk!

I have officially decided I am a rooftop girlie. I need the sun, I need the views and I need the food. I know this sounds very spoiled, but let me explain to you why these three things are a total necessity. The sun on a rooftop is top tier. It is brighter and sunnier and it is perfect for sun tanning. There aren't kids splashing around which makes tanning easier- and everyone else is either tanning or relaxing so the vibes match up perfectly. Another thing that adds to the experience is the views: I have found that every time I am in the pool I relax on the side and watch the waves crash. Actually on my most recent Instagram post I quoted that one of my favorite things is the sound of the waves crashing. Also, I have noticed that the food places on rooftops are unmatched. They have really good options and the service is always superior. For example, this rooftop served sushi. They had about eight rolls they served every day and then each week they would switch one roll like a “special.”

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