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  • How often do we get new content?
    We begin the week’s content release beginning on Sundays. Depending on your sponsor level. Visit your profile to edit and Upgrade to Gold!
  • What is included in each of the Subscription Levels?
    Silver - Access to Silver Level Collections, Whats up Alana, & 10 Images per week Ruby - Access to Ruby Level Collections, BTS Video, Whats Up Alana, & 20 Images per week Gold - Access to Gold Level Collections, BTS Videos, Whats up Alana, Weekly Workout/Events Video, 40 Images per week Ultimate - All Access to Collections, BTS VIDEO Whats up Alana Weekly Event / Workout Video, Direct Contact via Instagram, High-Res Collection Picks Upgrade Your Subscription Now!
  • What’s the best way to view content?
    We display our content with the Collections Page. When you are signed into your profile, Visit the Collections to view the lastest posts!
  • What are my billing options?
    When you setup a subscription, you can use any Credit Card or PayPal. We also accept Venmo & Cash App! Just contact us at Visit your profile subscriptions to edit your level and Upgrade to Gold
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