Frequently asked questions

When is new content released in the Collections?

We begin the week’s content release beginning on Sundays. Depending on your sponsor level. Visit your profile to edit and Upgrade to Gold!

What is included in each of the Subscription Levels?

Silver - Access to Silver Level Collections, Whats up Alana, & 10 Images per week Ruby - Access to Ruby Level Collections, BTS Video, Whats Up Alana, & 20 Images per week Gold - Access to Gold Level Collections, BTS Videos, Whats up Alana, Weekly Workout/Events Video, 40 Images per week Ultimate - All Access to Collections, BTS VIDEO Whats up Alana Weekly Event / Workout Video, Direct Contact via Instagram, High-Res Collection Picks Upgrade Your Subscription Now!

What’s the best way to view content?

See all of our current posts on the Collections Page. When you are signed into your profile, Visit Collections to view the lastest posts!

What are my billing options?

When you setup a subscription, you can use any Credit Card or PayPal. For special requests, we accept Venmo & Cash App! Just contact us at Visit your profile subscriptions to edit your level and Upgrade to Gold

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"Follow me on Instagram"

"Follow me on Instagram"