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Get Funky!

Updated: Jan 8

This bikini is so out of this world. From the brightly colored print to the beadwork on the wrap around strings, Get Funky with me and go for the flower power!

Hey everyone, let’s get funky. The Webster definition of funky is “having or using a strong dance rhythm, in particular that or funk.” or secondly “modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way.” I think about this when I am listening to punk music or when my outfit is out of the box. Just like in this photo set, the colors are bright and funky. The patterns are out there and give off a wild fun vibe. I feel like the combination of colors, patterns and even the swim suit cut gives off an old funky vibe. When I first put on the suit my Mom said “wow, you look like an outfit out of the eighties, this is something I would have worn back then.”

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