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Pink Jungle Bird

Updated: Feb 22

What can I say?!! I was in a playful mood on this day. I felt playful and silly, just playing in the trees, like birds do. You all know trees make me happy! So here's the Pink Jungle Bird set for you.

I just made the funniest observation: I always wear messy buns when I am wearing pink. Why you may ask? Well, I have no idea! It has happened multiple times now though, for example the photo set we shot in California. I think it may have been called I love Beijo, or something like that. I am wearing a pink Beijo Babe T shirt and jean shorts: and of course a messy bun! So this set gives me those vibes in a way, they are different, but the same. I will sum the funny observation up to the fact that I adore pink, and love wearing messy buns.

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