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Santa Monica Pier - III

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

This set includes my favorite shots! These were actually taken underneath the pier. We included a lot of different edits of these because each made us feel like we were in another world. I hope you'll agree!

What a perfect combination of events to create this set. When I look at these pictures I feel peace and happiness all at once. I was so excited to work with Anthony Deleo because of his Instagram page. His work is so classic and “soft” the editing is so peaceful and his photography style reminds me of something out of a nice lifestyle magazine. All of the other shots we got were so dun and playful but these pics are something else. They are some of my favorites we have ever taken with another photographer. Sometimes working with new people can be a learning experience so the first collaboration can be “mid.” Meaning we get some good photos but it’s really the next time we shoot that goes very well. It was not this way with Anthony, maybe because he's so talented, but I would like to think it is because we just worked so well together. We had the same vision, so everything just matched up. I needed some new classic shots and he needed to add variety to his work book etc. Another factor is that he is based in Florida. I am based in Utah, what are the odds we both were in Cali, in this area, at the same time. As I previously said, everything worked out.

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