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Santa Monica Vibes - II

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Santa Monica is the perfect mix between city and beach. I hope this set captures that vibe. We're also continuing the experiment of the difference color and black and white versions of the photos have on us. Let me know what your preference is! Should I keep sharing both?

Walking shots are difficult. Simply put, any action shot is hard to capture. Either the facial expressions are weird, the movement is glitched (meaning a hand or leg looks weird) or the picture itself is blurry. So, when I get a movement shot like the main photo of this set I get really excited. The photo worked out so well, and luckily we were able to do this quickly. Honestly, I need to complement Anthony Deleo the photographer for getting this shot. For me as the model it was pretty simple: walk slow, happy faces. For Deleo he was getting the angles and making the photo come to life through his camera. He was even able to capture the bird that was flying behind me. Everything in this photo represents the mix that Santa Monica offers. I can not wait to go back.

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