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Santa Monica Vibes - III

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Santa Monica, I love you! I'll be back. I hope to see you at the pier!

The sand in these photos looks unreal! I think it was picture perfect because quite literally no one was out and about this morning. The Covid nineteen pandemic was such a weird time, many bad and scary things. The only thing I do miss is less people being behind our shots. Of course people in photos are part of the territory. When this happens there are two options. Either photoshop them out or leave it in as part of the “candid” aspect. For example, one time before Covid, or at the very start of it we shot in Malibu. Many people were walking on the beach and they got in our photos, the photographer said not to worry about it, and that he could edit them out. Then later as we were looking through the photos I noticed something. There were many surfers in the background, and instead of choosing to edit them out we left them in. It added an element that made the pictures even better. I was in a bikini on the beach swimming, when you are swimming a main component is surfers! So them being a part of the shot in the distance was perfect.

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