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Beijo Bae & Christmas Socks - |||

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Hey, welcome back to my top tier Alana Kern Life members! I really hope you are enjoying your time here. In the other photo sets I write about how these photos came to life or about the outfits, I love writing about that type of stuff and I think it is cool for you all to know about. However, it can occasionally be impersonal, or maybe I would classify it as more superficial. I love writing about all of the ways photos come to life! I love telling you stories from my travel life and I love writing about fashion, so don’t get me wrong, everything I say is valid and I would not change sharing those things! But for the next few weeks I am going to switch some things up for set number three and see what happens! I want to give you guys a re-cap of my life the past week so you can feel more involved.

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