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Spring Colors - I

How fun is the yellow reflection?? When we were taking these pictures I had no idea the wall would be glowing just like this. I like all of the color variations in these images. What colors remind you of spring? For me the primary colors are pink, purple and yellow. Hence why I decided to name this collection Spring Colors. Now that the weather has officially turned warm, I can release this set. As I said last week in the behind the scenes video I have been waiting for the weather. The happy colors almost made me sad when I looked over these pictures. I honestly can’t say why these pics made me sad: maybe it was because of the fond memories I attached to this vacation. Or it could have been because of how cold it was. With all of this background knowledge to this photo set I have good news! The news is that today the weather reached 80 degrees, it was so hot. No complaints with the heat though I loved it. So today I want to chat about what everyone does when the Spring season starts, and the warmth rises.

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