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It Ain't Easy Being Green - II

Let's set the scene: We arrived late one night, and I was starving. We checked into our stunning hotel and then went to the buffet dinner. For those of you that didn’t know Mexican resorts have the yummiest buffets. They aren’t like fast food joints, or Chuckaramma. No hate for Chuckaramma, because I loved that place as a kid but Mexican Hotels top everything else. Their buffet rooms are huge, and have so many different platters. At our specific hotel the food was Chinese themed for the night. They had a table filled with sushi and another one with flavored rice, fish and salted chicken. Everything we ate was so good, it made up for me being practically starved. I ate three courses of different items. Another super fun thing about their buffet is that it is different every night. There is no repetitiveness, so each night the dining experience is different.

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