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BoutineLA - II

Oh boy, oh boy. Does anyone remember back when I first started modeling I would only wear the shoe brand Converse? I think it could be considered to be one of my signature looks from the past few years. I can’t remember when I stopped wearing them, but I think it may have been when I started gaining a liking for a variety of shoes. When I was younger I basically just wore the same shoes every day. Then once I got older I began getting jobs etc which gave me more money. I remember going through a phase of being addicted to Nike. Every time I got a paycheck I would save for a new pair of Nike Jordan 1’s. I have four pairs of those in different colors- then I started getting a few pairs of Dunks and Nike Blazers. I ended up selling my iconic black Converse on my Depop page, since they were very worn and old.

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