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Special Edition: Rockin' the Desert - III

Well as many of you guessed from my story time on Wednesday… I straight up slept through the Fourth of July! When I got home I took care of a few things and then decided to take a nap. I felt like a nap was the way to go so I could wake up and have enough energy to hangout with friends. I had two different options, and I was excited for both. One of the options was a family BBQ with my best friend. Then the other was a hangout with my friend I went to Cali with. Honestly I wanted to take pics and shoot off some firecrackers and then try and have an early night. I took a nap and woke up at seven PM. I ate some dinner and chose out an outfit. The rainforest noise in my room was still going from my previous nap and I guess at some point I laid down and fell back to sleep. I woke up at noon… the next day!

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