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Beijo Bae & Christmas Socks ||

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Im grinning cause I love this photo set! I feel like I haven’t posted a recently taken Beijo Babe set in a while. Yes yes we have posted sets like In the Villa and other Beijo photoshoots but those were from our trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The trip was averagely recent, however this photo set is the most recent photos we have taken! I love getting fresh pictures back because they are the closest in my memory. For example, when we go to Mexico it is a pretty big ordeal. I love it, and enjoy following my processes for vacationing. Getting the photos back takes a longer time though; because of the processes we follow. Here are the steps we follow: first off we vacation and take the pictures. Then we get home and upload the photo sets along with the behind the scenes videos we take. It takes a good deal of organization, but it helps us so we can ensure that our content is good! My main goal is achieving the commitments I have made to you all. So with that, I really hope you are all enjoying the written content, consistent what’s up with Alana and the behind the scenes content as well.

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