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A Sunny Balcony - II

Happy Wednesday! I have always said Wednesdays are the hardest to get through: they are the middle of the week, and it is the final push. Mondays are a hard day, however at least I am well rested. On Sunday I have a relaxing day- for example on Friday and Saturday I either hangout with friends or work full days, but on Sundays I have nothing to do besides self care. On Sunday I relax, and sleep in. Then, I either workout, or do chores. I like it because I work on school work, or get caught up on things that have been lacking during the week. Sundays are really great, some people hangout with friends but I don’t. It is my excuse for self care and as I say “getting myself together.” It prepares me for the week and sets me up for success. Anywho, for this reason Monday isn’t a bad day for me, and Tuesday always flies by. But when Wednesday hits I start to feel the weight of the week. Writing these Alana Kern Life sets on Wednesday really helps me get through- so if you are struggling I hope it helps you as well.

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