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Crossing Over - II

I just adore the first picture, I have no idea why, but it is just my instinct to throw up a heart anytime we are taking pics. I cannot explain that in each photo set I probably have one pic like this in each set. Some of the pics turn out blurry or look bad, but this one turned out great. I love all of the color texture, and how my eyes match my nails and the upper roofing of the Midway bridge. When I was younger I always wanted green or blue eyes. I think they are so pretty and stand out, especially on people with brown hair. If I remember correctly, when I was twelve I wanted to get color contacts. I never followed through with this, and eventually I started to own myself without comparison. Last Summer I fell in love with the color brown. I have brown shoes, many tops and even a few pairs of brown pants. I accumulated many brown things in a quick amount of time. I credit that to my shopping addiction…

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