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Updated: Mar 19

This black one piece suit is classy and stylish. It instantly gave me a feeling of sophistication. The o-ring side details, high cut waist, and the front zipper make this an easy go-to for hanging out at a nice resort or pulling on a skirt for dinner.

I am feeling like a boss babe lady in this suit. I am so glad to be able to wear this suit today because at home I never have an opportunity to wear it. Today I want to share a funny story with you all regarding this one piece suit. I bought this from ZAFUL/Shein a while back. It was before we made modeling trips! For reference, my first modeling trip was to Malibu California. I bought this around that time period. The cut outs were so cute, and like nothing I had before. I purchased it with my own spending money, I really wanted to wear it all Summer. When it arrived I knew my mom wouldn't like it.

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