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The Old Dam Keeper's House

Alright, I am super excited to be writing this blog entry today, not only am I in a great mood but I am very excited about releasing this photo set for you all. This set was taken a while back when I was living part time in Big Bear California. This was during the time period when the pandemic Covid Nineteen was at an all time high and State lines were closing etc. When we decided to go to California it was an open ended trip- meaning we knew it wasn't permanent however we had no idea how long the trip would be. My Moms youngest sister owns an AirBNB business, so during Covid their business was completely shut down. The town decided that no visitors would be allowed unless taking a more permanent residency. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in one of my Aunts AirBNBs while we stayed. The home was nice and had two bedrooms… and my favorite part was the hot tub outside!

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