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Sweater Weather

I have a love hate relationship with Utah- It is so beautiful and has so many things to do. I love the outdoor activities Utah has, from climbing on the rocks and hiking during the Summer or snowboarding and having snowball fights in the Winter. Utah has basically everything, unfortunately that also means really long cold seasons. It has been cold ever since early September and will remain cold until late March. I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are from, but for me the brutal cold for six months makes it very hard to love Utah sometimes. When I was younger I would be miserable in the cold. At the time I didn’t know any winter sports and had nothing to do but sit inside during the cold. However, now that I am older I enjoy many more things that Utah has to offer. One of the things that has added to my love for the Winter is the fashion. I love layering clothes and most of all I love to throw on a sweater!

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