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Spring Colors - III

Alright… for those of you who tuned in on Wednesday I hoped you enjoyed those photos and are ready for more! I want to talk about outfits today… I love outfits and fashion so school dances and modeling are right up my alley. So as I said this Team Beijo outfit is super colorful and perfect for Spring. I now have a mini quiz to give you all to see how well you pay attention. Don’t worry, I won’t be upset if you get the answer right or wrong, I am just interested… True or False: I have worn this bikini top before? One more question, true or false… I wore that bikini top in California shooting Team Beijo a year and a half ago? The answer to both of those questions is TRUE! Sometimes it is fun to reuse outfits, and since I had shot it already but so long ago I thought it would be fun to bring it back out again. Oh this reminds me, I have one more question, true or false, I have shot the matching bottoms in Malibu, California? The final answer to that is also true.

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