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It Ain't Easy Being Green - III

Today’s Friday and I am grinning, pouting and strutting my stuff into this weekend. I want to make an intro into what I will be writing about next week. Next week I have a three part series planned to write. It is all about my recent vacation, which was a Mexican cruise. I especially want to write about it because I wasn’t able to get any content while I was on my vacay. I explained to you all why I wasn't able to get content last week, but now that I have actually experienced the cruise I can give a further explanation. For starters, there was no service the whole cruise. My apps like Instagram and Snapchat wouldn’t load so I couldn't even post Insta stories like I would usually do. To be honest, it was nice to be away from social media, but I do wish that I could have documented it. I don’t want to spoil anything for you all since I am planning on writing in full detail next week, but there is that detail to give everyone context.

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