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It Ain't Easy Being Green - I

Good Morning everyone, my sincerest apologies for not leaving a post yesterday! Me and my mom are just getting back from vacation and both of us caught some sort of head cold. It was the worst and debilitated us all weekend. I will explain more about this tomorrow, but to make up for the missed post yesterday I am posting today! You are all still getting the same content as usual, just today instead… my illness is no excuse, so without further ado enjoy this photo collection. The first photo set taken at our next location, Cancun Mexico! I am so excited for you all to see the content we took on this vacation. I have a few things to say, and don’t want to spoil anything but here are my thoughts: these photos are new and creative, the scenery is stunning and the outfits are different than we have ever seen. I am hyped for everyone to see these- we still have some more Puerto Vallarta content and they are some of my favorite collections! Stay tuned for those, and enjoy this “soft-launch” of Cancun Mexico 2023.

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