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Girl on Fire - II

I hope you all watched yesterday's video, Sunset Cruising- I want to start off today's conversation by telling you all a story, about a good friend. A friend I met while on the sunset cruise. She was super pretty, and had the kindest heart. She was also four, and was who I spent the whole boat ride with. There and back, should I mention. This boat was what took us to the island of Yelapa. Many of you may have already seen this content- it was where I got my fake tattoo, tried parasailing and got many yummy drinks. The trip was one hour each way. On the way to Yelapa I saw a family, one of the boys was super sick and needed to throw up. I hurried downstairs and tried my best to speak Spanish to the workers. Every time I need help, and people don’t speak English I am reminded how important it could be for me to learn Spanish! Anyways, I tried my best, and got some napkins and a bucket for the boy. After I helped them I continued hanging out with my mom and watching the Ocean.

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