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Blue Bandana Babe - II

Updated: Mar 9

You would never know it, but this shoot was right on a walkway on to the main hotel pool. Of course, people passing by cheered me on and I'm sure you see that extra boost in my smile!

I just love it when sitting down pictures work out well. Sometimes shooting images can be ruined by me trying different poses. Okay… I take it back, the pictures aren't ruined but they aren't as good as I wish for. Other times, switching into sitting and standing can add so much to photo sets. For example, the few variety shots in this set really make it super fun and cute. I love the image of me sitting in the shade, it really makes the bandana print pop out in the darkness. One of my favorite parts about this shot is that the sitting makes my legs look longer than in some of the standing shots. Thank goodness the variety worked out well, I hope you like them just as much as I do.

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