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Beijo Playing at the Park I

Sometimes I just need to get out and goof off at the park! This is a super fun throwback set, check each set for a fun story time of how life has changed over the past two years. Go to photo set #3 for a fun outfit change!!

Hey Guys! This is a really fun throwback from when I first started modeling Team Beijo Girls. This is also a throwback to when modeling wasn't even modeling it was simply taking some shots with my mom. This was sent to me in my first package ever from Team Beijo and if I remember correctly it was my second or third shoot EVER. Fun fact is that when we first started off we were using my moms I-Phone 10! Photo editing was a very complicated thought because everything was done through mine or my mom's phone. After we would shoot on rapid fire we would choose our top choices and try and enhance those using the IPhone camera settings. Then I would send the pictures to Beijo through Instagram and post the shots. Those things would happen and then we would move on with our lives…

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