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A Sunny Balcony - III

I really think these pics show the beauty of this Sunny Balcony. The stairs are so pretty and textured, I love the glass texture of the stairs. The white and blue color combination is one of my favorites. It reminds me of some of the architecture in Hawaii, I love the small attention to details. Even the railing is so pretty- everything just balances out super well to flatter these pics! Personally, I think my favorite image is the last one in today's collection. I like the lighting and texture in the pics. I also love how the bikini colors and patterns are prevalently showing in these pictures. I also like the angles of these pics because of how long it makes my legs look- I was blessed with long legs, but I am still not the tallest, so whenever it is possible for me to look taller and longer it makes me very happy! Thanks to my mother for shooting me at my best angles- it made these pictures even better than they could have been.

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