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Sweater Weather - I

Since I have been talking about things I love in the Winter season I found another thing I want to share! I love fires- bonfires, roasting marshmallows etc. I just love to sit around the fire. Recently I went with some friends to Provo Beach. It is a fun place where people can play arcade games, surf, go on the ropes course and play laser tag. It is right next to the Shops At Riverwoods which is an outdoor shopping center. While we were waiting for our surfing session to start we walked around the mall… let me just tell you it was freezing. I would say the temperature was around 5 degrees and because I didn’t plan very well I was wearing cover up shorts. Finally, we saw a fire. All of us gathered around the fire to warm up, we talked about life and all got to know one another better. We stayed outside by the fireplace for around fifteen minutes. Later that night after the hangout someone sent me a picture of myself. I was standing by the fire, mesmerized. It was honestly a silly photo but I couldn’t get over the lighting in the picture. The lighting was warm and reminded me of hot chocolate.

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