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Simplicity, it can be overlooked. It can be considered boring, however for me that isn’t true. I have always had a hard time calming down. I like to be moving at a fast speed; I see life as something to accomplish, so many things to experience and enjoy. From a young age I have seen life this way. Maybe this is why when I was a child I wore many colors and was loud and joyful. As I have grown up this personality trait has remained constant. I love it because it allows me to accomplish many things. For example, right now I am multitasking. I am watching a TV show while writing this Alana Kern Life collection. My need for complexity helps with productivity and efficiency. Another thing I have noticed about this is that I start to see everything in my life as a task instead of a “get to” activity. This has made me sad, so I have started to change my ways. I have started to prioritize splitting the categories of my life. They are classified as: Down time, family time, school time, modeling/AKL time and work time.

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