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Pink Jungle Bird - III

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Thanks for coming to play in the jungle with the playful pink bird! Enjoy your weekend.

The details on this swimming suit are to die for. I love the combination of the cut out in the front and back, along with the fact that it is a one piece. In Utah people can become quite conservative. I think it is because there is a very large religious population in the area. Utah is very well known for the settlers finding this place and settling here. It is actually really cool to learn about the history of Utah. About 45 minutes away from my house we have Temple Square. In the Winter it is so beautiful to look at all the lights and get hot chocolate and just enjoy the wintery vibes. I even went to a nativity scene a few years ago and walked around and got to see how the birth of Christ happened etc. I think LDS, Christian or any religion just seeing that and how it came to be was a really great experience.

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