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Homecoming 2022 - LBD - III

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

I forgot to share about what Homecoming is to those may not know. Homecoming is an American school tradition usually associated with a football game played on your home field and includes a lot of festivities through the week so students can show their school spirit. It usually ends with a dance where everyone gets dressed up (but not as fancy as Prom) and has a good time. Well, mostly everyone (if you choose your date wisely). Enjoy reliving your Homecoming memories by looking through your year book, or just get dressed up and go have fun this weekend! It's time to live it up!

I’m not sure if any of you have watched the HBO show Gossip Girl but it is one of my all time favorite shows. I have watched all of the seasons at least three times. During the Winter season especially this show hits differently. Pretty much, the storyline is about teenagers living in the Upper East Side New York. When I first saw the show it inspired me in fashion and lifestyle. They are so fancy and sophisticated- there’s just something so cool about their lives. One of the main character's names is Blaire Waldorf. She is considered the “Queen B” and has a very classic hairstyle and outfit style. She is always wearing some sort of hair accessory such as a bow or most especially a headband. Recently I have been channeling my inner Blaire Waldorf and channeling her style. I have loved the Upper New York style and class that it has added to my wardrobe.

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