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Homecoming 2022 - LBD II

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

The LBD can be romantic, elegant, sexy, or playful, or whatever else. It basically has the super power of highlighting what a girl is feeling. I hope you can see this at work in all these photos!

Red and Black are such a perfect combination- they are the perfect mix of femininity and beauty. I bought everything that I accented from Amazon. Amazon is perfect for me, I buy pretty much everything that I need or want from Amazon. They have absolutely everything one can need. For example I have bought shoes, jewelry, bedroom supplies, food and even toiletries from there. In this case I purchased these glittery red hoops and the lace up red shoes. I also bought the red silk bow from Amazon. Personally, I feel like the bow really brought the look together- I just needed something more to bring the look in the same direction.

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